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Christmas Prize Draw


We all could do with a bit of festive cheer so let's do a free prize draw!

Find this post of my social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) and share it, pick a print (prints page) and leave the name of it in the comments and make sure you are signed up to the mailing list (otherwise you won't know if you win!),

I will draw it on the 4th Jan. Good luck and have a lovely Christmas!

New Limited Prints!
'We Both Know Who Is In Charge' Limited prints
Another frenchie print to add to my collection! Head to the prints page to see them all.
Your Love Lifts Me Up: Rainbow Edition
A new original (NOW SOLD) with limited prints available. Click on the image for more details
And Just Like The Blossom You Were Gone

Click on the image for more details

Valentine Sketches Are Here.
I have drawn 8 sketches for Valentines Day, Go to the Sketches page for the details and prices. Have a look through the rest of the site too for inspiration! I have so many love themed pictures that would make the best gift!
My 2020 Calendar is now HALF PRICE!

Literally only a couple of calendars left. THEY ARE NOW HALF PRICE! So go treat yourself to one! Click the image to see the details.


All of these new prints are now available on the prints page. Go have a butchers!
Pooch prints

I have made signed limited edition prints from some of my favourite doggy sketches. They are available for just £20 plus postage on the prints page. Have a look!


New Release

Beyond The Clouds

Original painting, sketch and limited prints available
I've also been busy with commissions. From dog sketches (see the sketches page) to my recent favourite creation below. If you'd like something similar see the commissions page.
Limited prints have arrived !
Click the images to see the details. The editions will be small in numbers so don't miss out.
Inktober was fun!

Another Inktober is complete! It was such a success, thank you for all your suggestions and support. You crazy lot bought nearly every sketch! So huge thanks for that.

I will be offering limited edition prints of any of the sketches. They will be £58 each, message me if you would like one. They will only be available with a pre-order. Orders need to be placed before the 10th November.

Click the Sketches link to see them in closer detail and the few that are still available. Sketches Link

So I have put some of my paintings and sketches onto a lovely selection of products. I might just buy them all for myself! Have a look on the Shop page.
New Release!
Button Nez and Bolt are back for this new original 'Love ia all around us'. Click the image to find out more about it.
Remembrance Series

I have now completed my final piece in my Remembrance Series called 'He Preferred Daisies':

It is painted on A3 using watercolours and pen. Click on the image for more information.

This is the final piece in the series of 7 paintings. Below are the other paintings in the series.


Inktober was a big success and I was quite proud of myself for drawing every single day of the challenge. Some of the skethes are still available if you fancy an original piece. Thank you for all your support and suggestions through it.

I will be taking a break now to complete a few commissions before Christmas, so see you on the other side!

New Limited Prints Are Here!

I asked you on my social media which recent paintings I should make into limited prints and so here they are. And they look yummy! There is only 50 in each edition, so don't hang about.

Click the pictures below to take you to each painting's page.

New Video!
Watch me draw my 'I Thought I'd Lost You' sketch, which is available to buy on the sketches page. There are also 14 other videos to watch. Enjoy!
The Love Project!
Have your say in my next project. I am asking people on my mailing list and my Facebook community to pick which are their favourite sketches, the most popular choices will be developed into larger paintings! So why not get involved and join in the fun!

So join the mailing list, email me or follow me on Facebook to have your say and watch the progress.



Check out my latest video on my YouTube channel of me drawing a recreation of the famous Times Square Kiss:



New Prints Are Here!
A new selection of limited prints have finally arrived. Find them on the Prints page.

French Bulldogs are everywhere at the moment. One has even sneaked onto here!

And just to even things up and be a bit more patriotic, with the first in a new series of British themed paintings:
One Day He Will Catch the Moon
There is Life in the Old Dog Yet
Father's Day
A special painting, inspired by Father's Day. For Dads and Grandads making their way down the long and winding road of life, offering constant support and wisdom to their little tots!
By your side, all the way
Limited prints are available. Although the original has been sold!

Be the first to see new paintings and have first choice of originals and get a welcome 10% off:

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