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It is that time of year again folks! It's my third year of taking part in the art challenge where you have to draw a sketch for each day of the month, using inks of some kind. To make it even more challenging I get you to suggest the themes.

The month's list is on my Facebook page so join in and suggest something



A Real Little Heart Breaker

Light at the end of the rainbow

Day 1 Rottweiler puppy
Day 2

I've Been Painting Mummy


Puppy Love - £65


Day 3 - Messy Play - £75
Day 4 Maltese terrier



If I Had A Hammer


Day 5 - Hammerhead shark and scuba diver - £75
Day 6 - Three in a bed! - £75


Daddys Home

I'm Sold on You

Day 7
Day 8 - Moving Home - £75
Sale agreed

All the chocolate

Caravan of Love

Day 9 - £75
Day 10 - Caravan

No Pain, No Gain
Day 11 Weight training and chocolate - £75
Day 12 Lilo and Stitch - £75
Day 13
Holiday Sketches
My characters went on their holidays this summer.

The Bolt hole On A4 for £75

The Seaside

CloseNess On A4 for £75

Loch Ness

I Feel Lucky! SOLD

Las Vegas

What a Woman! Sold

New York

Ready To Take A Bite



Side By Side On A4 for £75

The Seaside

Going Bananas in the Big Apple!



Havaning The Time of their Lives


April Showers On A3 was £245 in sale £195
I Have A Lot Of Love To Give On A3 was £285 in sale £195
I have become obsessed with drawing dog sketches! I love bringing out a character with just a look. If you would like your pooch drawn just message me for a quote.
Captain Puggles On A4 for £75
Labra doodle On A4 for £75
Draw Me From My Best Side On A4 for £75
Hot Dog Sold
The Canines Strike Back Sold
It Wasn't Me Sold
Puppy Love On A4 for £65
Can I Keep It? On A4 for £65
Captain America: Rain On A3 was £145 in sale £95
Captain America: Kiss On A3 was £145 in sale £95
If you would like to buy both you could have them for £180, just email me or if you would like to pay in installments.

If you would like to commission a sketch just message me.

I post the sketches onto my Facebook/Instagram pages as I do them, follow me to see them first.


Once again I took part in the challenge where you draw a sketch, in inks of some kind, every day of the month of October.

To make it fun I asked people on my social media to suggest my themes for each day.

All you crazy lot bought nearly all of them but here are a few that are still available.

Roll on this October!


Day 5 - 'Enjoy the Little Things' - £65

Day 6 - 'Love Wins' - £65


Wherever you wish, Signorina - £65.

Day 19 - Punting On The Cam

You Are My Sunshine - £65

Day 12




But You're A Softie On The Inside - £65

Day 25 - Iron Man

Round The Twist - SOLD

Day 13 - Pulp Fiction



Here are some sketches from the previous Inktober I took part in.

'It's a Big World Out There' on A4 - £45

'Having a Bridget Day' on A5 - £35



Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/Gss3BdSoOB8


Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/LW4cjDCTUu8

'The Wide Old Owl' on A5 - £40


'I Think You're Out Of This World' on A4 - £50



Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/wSsbJRg2tNA



'My Cherry on Top' on A4 - £50


'There's No Going Back' 22 x 31cm - £50



Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/TXsx4uPHRgc


Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/FygNwhrXNbs

'Sale Away With Me' 22 x 31cm - £60


'The Fastest Messenger In The Land' on A4 - £40



Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/QTGm6GdWwBY


Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/mcqmgem-z3Y

If you would like to purchase any of these original sketches just click the buy button or send me message. You can also contact me through my socail media pages.


'Man of Steel' 22 x 31cm - £65


'Rainy Days and Mondays' on A5 - £45



Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/-jvjAPNLvQE


Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/6mhLxlipgR8


'Adventure of a Lifetime' on A5 - £45


'Not Muchroom' on A4 - £50



Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/-MDpgOmqnsM


Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/6WUd1QRKpiQ

iFull on A5 - £35


'A Happy Shire Horse' on A4 - £50



Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/OiXfvG6kdko


Watch me draw it: https://youtu.be/vWPwO6-R_tM

'Well, it had been a prickly day' on A5 - SOLD


'Till Death Us Do Part' on A5 - SOLD



If you would like to purchase any of these original sketches send me message or contact me through my socail media pages.


For a full price list of the available originals and limited prints just email me.
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