A bit about Rebecca Cother


About me...do you honestly care about this part?
Well OK, buckle up.
Many moons ago, like a war plane shedding its unwanted bombs before returning home, the old stork dumped me out in the sticks of the rural Cotswolds. With nowt to do but doodling I began adorning my parent’s walls and reference books with my creations. I soon learned that drawing on more conventional paper saved my little derriere from it’s regular smarting, but wasn’t nearly as exciting.
By the age of five my scribblings had won a national competition. My sublime interpretation of an apple tree wowed the judges and I got to meet Phil Drabble to receive my prize.
I know what you are thinking – I peaked too soon!
You might be right.

But, whether it was nature or nurture, my little tootsies set off down the long and winding road to the big art world and have not veered off since.
After gaining one of those degree things I set up my own, surprisingly successful, business called ‘Honkey Donkey Caricatures’ which has enabled me to professionally take the mickey out of people for over a decade.
Finally I have come full circle and gone back to that 5year old (some would say level) of creativity, only this time with permanent spray paints and no parents lurking behind me with lashings of magnolia paint to cover up my artwork.




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